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Scott Brick, one of the audiobook industry's most successful and sought-after narrators, has taken his vast knowledge and tips for success directly to his audience with the launch of Scott Brick's Audiobook Insider Workshop Series.

Offering an interactive, hand's on experience, the Insider Workshop Series is designed to meet the in-studio class attendees at their current skill level while providing resources to propel them to the next rung on the career path.  Can't get to Los Angeles to attend?  The series also offers live webinar participation and interaction with the in-studio students.

Teaming up with industry insiders such as Johnny Heller and Sean Pratt, as well as offering sessions by well-known and respected audiobook directors, producers and casting agents, this workshop series is definitely the most comprehensive audiobook event out there.

Stay tuned for info on the next SB Audiobook Insider Workshop Series!



At Home Studies 

Couldn't make it to the latest workshop?  Looking for a resource that fits into a busy schedule?  We offer live webinar videos available for purchase and download.